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Waiting for Spring

It's a bit hard to believe, sitting here shivering in my dressing gown, that there's only twelve weeks till Spring.

Seriously? At this point, it feels more like 12 months away.

Despite my best intentions to embrace winter and enjoy the cold, lately I feel like I've just entered a snow cave and sealed myself inside, ready to hibernate through the long, dark winter. 

I blame May. May lulls me into a false sense of security. I'm still in a t-shirt and hoodie in May, thinking 'it's nearly winter, but this isn't so bad. I'm gonna enjoy it this year. I'm going to be outdoorsy. I'm going to do some gardening and take the kids to the park when the winter sun is shining. I'm going to dress appropriately for the weather.'

Then BAM. One day I am frozen to the core and long to be ensconced in blankets and pillows with just my head poking out the top, and I am thinking 'Oh, it's soooo cold! I hate winter!'. 

Winter hit me last night. Admittedly, I was up late, parked in front of the computer, not moving, so when I started to get cold I just hugged my dressing gown tighter around my shoulders and stayed there getting colder. I stayed up later than I wanted to because I didn't want to move, because moving meant getting cold. 

And now, today, I am tired, a little grumpy, my digestion isn't right, and I have been craving a packet of chips all afternoon. I have just caved in and bought some from the vending machine at work. 

Mostly, this could have been avoided if I just went to bed before 1am. 

Why do I keep doing this?

Do you find yourself on the same cycle? Full of good intentions on a Monday, but Friday night is your undoing? 

That's me. 

Every. Single. Week.

Well, here's my attempt at accountability: This week, it changes. 

This weekend I will not make excuses for eating crap because 'it's the weekend.' I will go to bed at a decent hour. And I will make drag my carcass out of bed at 5.30am for a run (even though it is 4 degrees outside nowdays!). 

So here's to making promises, and not letting winter sloth-ness win! Come on Spring... I miss you! 

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