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Accountability, motivation and sugar: my goals for winter

My trainer, Amanda, has set us a spring challenge... there's 12 weeks till spring, so write down 12 goals, mostly health related, and she will keep tabs on us throughout the coming weeks to see how we go.

The idea is to keep motivated throughout winter, and I'd say it's working already! I've got a renewed positivity about my health, whereas for the last 3 weeks or so I have been in a bit of a bad head space about it. My weight has plateaued; I haven't lost much for the last month, it's damn cold and I don't like running in the dark, and I feel like I've been sitting down way too much.

So, here's my goals to get me back into the groove:

  • 5km run in 30 minutes (usually 40 minutes, including a few walking rests)
  • Do a back bend in yoga stretch class (still getting stuck on my head here)  :)
  • 50 push ups on toes (currently doing 20, then dying)
  • Hold a hover for 2 minutes
  • 20 burpees in 60 seconds (we rarely do these at training so really need to practice!)
  • No sugar for 4 days each week
  • 3 training sessions a week + stretch class, every week, no excuses
  • Bed before 10.30pm on week nights
  • Swim with the kids every Friday (when we are are the pool for lessons anyway)
  • Run the entire City 2 Surf without slowing to a walk (very slow jog is ok! - just no walking. This will be my first C2S so I don't have a goal finishing time, but hopefully under 2 hours.)
  • No alcohol (not that hard - I'm not drinking much these days anyway)
  • Go indoor rock climbing (never done this!)
In addition, I'm going to try and run on my training off-days (so 4 mornings each week). Or at the very least, take the kids for a walk. And continue art journalling about how far I have come.

Of that whole list, I think going to bed early is going to be the most difficult! I don't normally hit the sack till after 11.30, but I am committed to at least TRYING to drag myself off the computer at a more reasonable hour. 

I'm not generally a 'goals' person, so I feel a bit silly even writing them down here... but - I'm getting out of my comfort zone and being a bit exposed, in the hope that it will help me stay accountable and motivated!  :)

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