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Omniblend: my essential kitchen tool

I love my Omniblend. I had been coveting a high speed blender for aaaages when Richard surprised me with an Omniblend for my birthday. This thing is freaking AWESOME. When you have been putting up with a crappy hundred dollar blender that can barely handle a milkshake, sure, anything is an improvement, but 6 months on this baby is still knocking it out of the park.

Hard vegetables like beetroot are pulverised in 10 seconds. Stringy, sinewy kale is broken down into teensy molecules making for a delicious smoothie with a minimum of chunky bits. Now, I don't mind the odd chunky bit in my smoothie but Richard does - and an extra 5 seconds on high is all it takes to decimate his fruit and veg into a silky smooth glass of goodness.

I have nothing to compare it to, not having owned any other type of high speed blender, but from personal experience, here's my Omniblend review:

This Whole Soul: Omniblend V Review

What's in the box: Omniblend base unit, tough jug, thick flexible rubberised lid with a removable rigid centre panel (for drizzling in oil and the like), a long plastic stabby thing (I believe the technical term is "tamper"), and since purchasing mine, each blender now comes with a nut milk bag. A starter kit full of recipes was also provided as an e-book: great for beginners as well as seasoned smoothie afficionados. Plenty of great ideas to make as directed, or just use as a jumping off point for you to start creating your own nutrient-dense meals and drinks! Proud to say my Frozen Banoffee Tart and Raw Banana Date Log recipes are included in the book too.  :)

Value: Excellent value for money compared to other popular high speed machines such as the Vitamix and Blendtec. Living up to my expectations!

Quality: Hardcore. Looks and feels like it can handle making 100 Boost Juice smoothies a day. Tough commercial quality with a thick plasticised cover over the on/off switch and sealed control panel for easy cleaning (especially good if you're a slob like me and always manage to slop bits of fruit and veg everywhere). Heavy; stays firm and secure on the bench.

Performance: Blades are still razor sharp after 6 months of daily use (often multiple times daily). Downward cyclonic motion of the six blades means all ingredients are sucked down and blended evenly. Easily turns nuts to fine powder and creates coarse flour from buckwheat groats. Occasionally ingredients stick to the side a little when mixing sticky things such as dates; a quick stab with the stabby thing usually gets it moving; or for really stubborn bits I've scraped down the inside with a silicone spatula (this has only happened a few times). Sometimes really gluggy things like thick hummus for example can be hard to remove after blending as a wee bit gets stuck under the blades when you're scooping it out into a bowl. Again, I just use a silicon spatula which flexes and curves under the blades to remove any sticky bits. I would imagine this would be the case with any blender.

Taste: Maybe this is a weird thing to put in a review of a blender but I think the taste of what you're making is affected by the tool your using... and therefore I just wanted to point out that I often make smoothies at about 7.30am when I am making my lunch and my son's school lunch, and I take mine to work in a big bottle to have for afternoon tea. Obviously there is a bit of settling going on but a quick, vigorous shake is all it takes for my smoothie to taste totally fresh as though I'd just made it a moment ago. The fine particles mix and re-mix really well even after hours of sitting still in the fridge. Depending on which fruit I'm using the colour does change over the course of the day but of course this has nothing to do with the blender :)  A pale yellow banana smoothie made early in the morning might be light brown by late afternoon, but it still tastes creamy, frothy and delicious.

Cleaning: Ridiculously easy. I'm the laziest person around and even I find it quick and easy. Warm water + bit of dishwashing liquid + few seconds of blending = shiny, clean jug. Except if you just blended chia seeds; those bastards stick like glue to everything. The Omniblend site recommends 30+ seconds for cleaning with warm soapy water but I've never needed to turn it on for anywhere near that long. The base unit is easily wiped down if necessary.

Noise: Loud - but you know it's powerful. Not as loud as the milk frother on my espresso machine though. Yeah - you're probably going to wake someone up if you're making a green smoothie at 5am - but on the flipside, it's only loud for a matter of seconds; that's all it takes to blend most things. Or make your crack-of-dawn smoothie the night before so it's ready in the fridge when you wake up! 

Shipping: Arrived quickly via courier within a couple of days of ordering. 

Support: For after sales support, Omniblend Australia has a very active and responsive Facebook page. There's plenty of other reviews, FAQ's and help on their website and a local contact number for support. Lots of smoothie porn and healthy food tips on their Instagram as well.  :)

Service: Replacement tampers, jugs blades and parts are available to purchase online. Warranty repairs are carried out locally. Haven't needed any kind of service so can't comment much on this aspect.

I hope this run-down helps you make a decision if you're in the market for a super awesome high speed blender! There's also some further info on Omniblend's cookbook range which I've reviewed here.

Now, the lovely peeps at Omniblend Australia have a discount for you if you use the below Omniblend coupon code - click through to go to the Omniblend site and check out the various models to see which is right for you. When you place your order remember to use the coupon code shown below! :)

Disclaimer - no kickbacks for me - all the savings here are passed on to you! I'm simply an advocate of Omniblend because I love their product!


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terrific overview of the product and thanks for the coupon i'm off to the website to buy one.....

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Thanks for the coupon!! Just purchased one!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Just bought one with your coupon as well. Many thanks!

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