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New art journalling: 2015

Art journalling is wonderful: it's there when you need it, but it can lay dormant till then.

In early January I had laid out my 'new year' starting pages, but until last week hadn't journalled any further than that, despite some lovely events and positive life changes within my family that would normally have inspired me to get my paints out.

Nevertheless, I've learnt from experience not to push my creative faculties if they are not forthcoming. I can sit with those moments and when the time is right they will manifest in paint and ink.

I have been training hard for my first triathlon, dealing with injury that is affecting my running, and adjusting to my youngest going to school and heavily reduced income on my part. No wonder I haven't been in the mood!

Another event that carries a great deal of weight is the bulldozing of my childhood home, a place my parents lived in together from well before I was born till I was around 12, and my mum still lived in up until late last year. Although I didn't spill any tears over it at the time, I know there's some emotional processing to do about the house being demolished.

On a more positive note, I've been listening to a great deal of Rich Roll's podcasts of late, and find them extremely deep, raw and inspiring.

This page was inspired by the podcast RRP113 with David Clark, a man who has overcome some insanely challenging obstacles to completely change his life, after challenging the limitations he put on himself.

Immediately driven to journal my own self-imposed limitations, I made this page as a reminder of how I box myself in with made up labels.

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