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Gauche Alchemy October Challenge: Lunar

It's been six months or more since I have been involved in a scrap challenge. My mind has been on other things! I've been art journaling regularly about some lovely happy stuff, but was reminded on the weekend how therapeutic art journaling can be for processing negative emotions.

The theme for the October challenge at Gauche Alchemy is 'Lunar'; and I thought the ever-changing cyclic phases of the moon and the dark/light sides were a great allegory for the ups and downs and love/hate duality of complex family relationships.

I was inspired by the old-school script lettering and dark moody palette. First I went nuts with my silver Sharpie getting all my thoughts out, and spilling white paint onto the page became the moon. My daughter was drawing next to me and wanted to add the bling and cut out the comet shape for me. This is what she was working on.   :)


  1. I love this! And your daughter adding to it is just fantastic, thank you so much for playing along!!!

  2. Great journal page. Love your little helper.


  3. lovely page! I totally agree with you, art journaling is a great therapy!


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