Hi I'm Leonie, Collector of feathers, pebbles, words and adventures, with an overactive mind and a sunshine-filled heart.

This blog is all about: NATURE ~ RUNNING ~ ART ~ FOOD ~ LOVE ~ SELF-DISCOVERY


I was on such a creative roll a few months ago. Drawing, writing, blogging, making things; it was all rushing out of my like violent rainbows.

Now - not so much.

I've done absolutely nothing for the last two months, and... it feels.... great. Weird, mildly unsettling, but great all the same.

I feel like for once, I am truly listening to what my body needs and my mind craves. I need to cocoon, retreat, withdraw and slow down. I need to breathe.

I'm trying to really pay attention to my thought processes during this time of rest. It's tricky: obsessive interests have been a mainstay of my life for such a long time that it is difficult to see when I am falling into a perseveration vortex. Like some Aspies, my special interests fluctuate and switch all the time, rather than me having the one constant special interest. From as little as a few weeks to a year or more, these short term interests have a way of controlling me if I allow myself to wallow in them unchecked.

Hence now, I'm actively trying to avoid getting interested in anything, partly as an experiment, mostly because it's winter and I like to hibernate. :)

However: I already feel the tentative beginnings of the light beginning to shine into my cave again; the days growing every so subtly longer, the calendar once again over that dreaded winter solstice hump. I am nearly on the upswing to summer time, my mind starting to stir, my body starting to stretch out and yawn. Soon I will wake up from this long sleep of slothfulness and I hope to be more tuned in than ever before, and perhaps even able to have some level of control over my special interests instead them consuming me to the exclusion of everything else.

So, in a nutshell - I'll be back to regular programming in a month or so.  :)  I would like to experiment with food again, creating some more lovely nourishing recipes, as well as working on my drawing practice. There will be more posts about adult Aspie diagnosis and how I am working through that. Thanks for reading. xo

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