Hi I'm Leonie, Collector of feathers, pebbles, words and adventures, with an overactive mind and a sunshine-filled heart.

This blog is all about: NATURE ~ RUNNING ~ ART ~ FOOD ~ LOVE ~ SELF-DISCOVERY

Retreat, regroup, relax

My art journal pages from the past month or so - I have been clearing some space in my life lately and hope to use my newfound spare time for beautiful creative endeavours... but for now I'm enjoying the changing of the seasons, ugg boots, snuggling on the couch, cups of tea and awful TV shows. 

I know my creative soul needs a little breather, and despite the constant nagging feeling that 'I should be doing something constructive', I just can't bring myself to do so right now. 

Sit. Exhale. Retreat to my cave. This is where my mind is at right now. I'm sure regular programming will be back up and running in no time at all.  :)

Enjoy your long weekend soulful friends.

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