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Black forest bowl for one

So super easy it doesn't even qualify as a 'recipe'... I whipped this one up when I was craving some cake over the grey rainy weekend.

Crumbly Italian Savoiardi biscuits are a sweet indulgence; full of refined sugar of course, but I don't mind enjoying a couple occasionally. They have been hanging around in my pantry since Christmas so it was time to either eat some or chuck them out.

Black Forest Bowl for One

Small bowl of organic greek yoghurt
Sour cherries
Raw cacao nibs
2 or 3 Savoiardi biscuits

Plonk the cherries and cacao nibs over your yoghurt and poke the biscuits into the side. DONE. Easiest treat ever. :)

You might like to let this sit in the fridge for a while if you like your biscuits soft, otherwise they will be quite crunchy.

And of course, you can make it much healthier by using a different biscuit; any kind of plain cookie would do the job.

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