Hi I'm Leonie, Collector of feathers, pebbles, words and adventures, with an overactive mind and a sunshine-filled heart.

This blog is all about: NATURE ~ RUNNING ~ ART ~ FOOD ~ LOVE ~ SELF-DISCOVERY

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"Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t."
- Richard Bach

What is This Whole Soul about?

It's about not hiding in the shadows anymore. 

It's about finding courage in being vulnerable. 

It's about getting healthy - in mind, body and spirit. 

And it's a place for me to pour out my writing and thoughts. 

Hi, I'm Leonie, and This Whole Soul is my little patch of the web.

I write about making things, and creativity in all its glorious forms. I write about food. About writing. Poetry. Running. My special way of looking at the world. Soul discovery. Mental health. Work. Spiritual connection. Adult autism diagnosis. All of the many pieces of me. I've written about many of these things for years in different places allover the web, but I'm sick of putting parts of my personality in little boxes. So now I'm putting my whole self out there: this is me! :)

This Whole Soul started as a food blog but has become a grounding place for anything I create: once I got my body healthy, my spiritual self started to blossom as well. I started to write again; something I had neglected for a long time. My art journaling is sporadic but I love diving into the process when the mood strikes me. And I am gaining more confidence in being able to stand tall and say 'this is who I really am', so there's a lot of posts on here about self-discovery.

The philosophy I try and live by is simple: Aim to act with grace, positivity and kindness. Don't start anything that isn't sustainable for your whole life. Respect the earth and your body. Eat food - not too much - mostly plants. And don't always let your goals get in the way of having fun. Especially - don't turn into a boring, holier-than-thou, soapbox-preaching diet-obsessing neat freak who worries more about a clean house than enjoying a creative afternoon.


I hope you find something to connect with here.  ♥

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