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New Omniblend Cookbooks! Wholefood recipes and delicious smoothies that are easy to make

I received an exciting package in the mail recently... a set of 3 new recipe books produced by Omniblend Australia! I've been looking forward to getting stuck into trying out some recipes, so now that the Christmas craziness is over, I've had a bit of time to get in the kitchen and try out some super yummy stuff.

First up, there's 3 books in this series: Essential Recipes which contains a stack of smoothie blends, drinks, soups, icecreams and more that have been created especially for the Omniblend. Then we've got the Liquid Revolution book which is an in depth guide to a whole range of delicious drinks, cocktails, smoothies that are so easy to make. The last book in the series is Friendly Recipes which is a collection of community recipes by bloggers, instagrammers and others who love their Omniblend! I'm proud to have my Raw Banana Date Log and Frozen Banoffee Tart included amongst some seriously yummy looking stuff.

So I thought I'd start with the Friendly Recipes book and I tried out Jaimee Cacic of A Nourished Life's Walnut Coconut Raw Cacao Bars. I followed the recipe but decided to make balls (in the above pic) instead of bars as my kids are willing to try anything as long as it's small and bite sized. These were DELISH - walnuts and chocolate is a winning combination, and these were quick and easy to make.

They got the seal of approval from Holly, my little date thief.

Next up, she wanted to press the buttons on my Omniblend so we made something super simple that I've never actually made from scratch before - almond milk - from the Essential Recipes book. Amazingly easy and it really blended into a fine milk. I tried it in my coffee and although my espresso machine frothed it up just fine, next time I would probably strain it as the recipe recommends, as the end of my coffee did have a few tiny chunks.

However - it was still really tasty and so nice to know that I was drinking the real stuff (have you noticed the additives in supermarket-bought nut milks?! Ugh.)

Anyway, I decided to use the nut milk in a smoothie - the strawberry thickshake from the same book. This one was yummo - sweet and refreshing on this 37 degree day! I made a whole heap of it and decided to pop some in iceblock moulds for later. They didn't last long.

And, because it was so insanely hot, I figured it was a good day for more smoothies! So Tyler and I tried out the Virgin Pina Colada (his choice) from the Liquid Revolution book. I whizzed it in the Omniblend, then went to answer the door... the smoothie was gone when I got back. I found him outside guzzling the lot. I think we'll earmark that one as a favourite!

I'm also looking forward to trying out the cucumber gazpacho when our cukes grow to full size - there's heaps of them on the vine so I'm going to need to use them up and what better way on a hot summer's day than to whip up a batch of gazpacho.

I loved leafing through these books - they are a great introduction to using your Omniblend and also provide heaps of inspiration if you're a seasoned user looking to expand your wholefood repertoire. They're compact, beautiful quality and bursting with delicious, healthy ideas!

For more info, head over to Omniblend Australia's site. Happy blending!

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