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Open sesame: what's in my fridge?

The lovely Sonia of Natural New Age Mum is one of my fave bloggers. She tells it like it is and always has interesting things to share! At the moment she's got a blog hop going, sharing what's in a health and wellness blogger's fridge. I was a bit hesitant to join in as although I have good intentions, this is still very much a new journey for me, and my fridge pretty much reflects that!

There's plenty of room for improvement, so instead I'm using this as my line in the sand: here is what my family eats - it's ok, but we can do better. In a few months I'd like to revisit this peek into my fridge and see what has changed! I'm on a mission to gradually swap out regular products for organic and minimally processed foods. I'm halfway there but there's still a bit of resistance from the other members of this household, especially the biggest kid (I'm looking at you Richard).

Some old favourites are going to be a challenge for the kiddos, like Masterfoods BBQ sauce for example - but it's a process, right? I'll get there!

So anyway, on to the fridge...

In the door we've got plenty of free range eggs... we're discussing getting 2 or 3 chickens for the backyard next year, but until then the RSPCA eggs are ok by me. There's half a lime in there too, and some Well Naturally sugar free dark chocolate.

Quite a few leftover sauces that I'm slowly using up... and some rhubarb in a jar that I have pickled as an experiment (still tastes raw - needs a bit longer).

The ol' Masterfoods sauces, agave nectar, organic pasta sauce, my favourite go-to quick meal, Soyco tofu (which conveniently is almost always on special at Woolworths); organic maple syrup, and more jams and sauces that are slowly being used up.

Down the bottom there's a giant long-life juice that Richard bought, organic milk, OJ and rice milk.

On to the inside shelves... from left to right we've got some rhubarb puree in the back there leftover from my Apple and Rhubarb Breakfast Cake, some sad looking fruit ready for smoothies, sitting on top of more tofu (like I said, it was on special!), beetroot and hummus at the back, Five:am organic yoghurt, Nuttelex and (ugh) margarine underneath - I'm trying to find a proper butter that is still spreadable by my 5 year old - he has problems even with soft margarine but loves making his own vegemite toast in the morning. Any suggestions for a really spreadable butter?

And Richard's section: a pile of meat and some beers.  :)

On the second shelf we have more half dead fruit, avocados, Richard's fave yoghurt, and at the back there's homemade pasta sauce using our own tomatoes, half of which I turned into a lovely veggie chilli with the addition of kidney beans, and coriander from the garden.

Behind the ricotta is a slice of pumpkin and haloumi tart I baked on the weekend (recipe to come soon!), and in the container at the front some leftover grilled mushrooms and zucchini to have with it. A few kids organic yoghurts at the back and the obligatory giant bunch of kale for green smoothies! :)

And in the crisper, lots of fruit and veg of course. That top drawer is where we keep cheeses, butter and cream (and occasionally more beer).

And what the hell, whilst we're sharing: here's the freezer too...

Heaps of frozen berries, mango, cherries and banana in the pink container... some free range chicken and some beef strips... spinach, peas, fish fingers for the kids and quorn schnitzels for me. And a highly processed but mouth watering indulgence; Matri'd potato dauphinoise from Aldi. WHY ARE THESE THINGS SO DAMN DELICIOUS?!

On the second shelf is a flat container of shortcrust pastry, Richard's pies, more portions of pumpkin tart and chickpea patties, a couple of leftover pastizzi and - yes - a frozen rat. We have snakes you see. I wish we had a specific rat zone in the freezer, but at least he is in a thick plastic bag and unlikely to be contaminating any food. Well... hopefully.

So, there it is - my fridge for all to see. I'm feeling a bit inadequate next to all the other lovely foodie bloggers that participated in this blog hop, so onward and upward - time to make some changes!

First up - I've binned the margarine, it was nearly finished anyway.

Next - slowly investing in glass containers and reusable food wraps. I've just bought a few wraps from 4MyEarth (which are awesome!) and Target has some great glass containers with plastic snap lock lids. Bit by bit I'll reduce the gladwrap and ditch the old plastic containers - some of which probably have BPA in them. This has become a pressing issue lately as I am discovering more about my hormonal imbalances.

Also - less packets, more proper food. My pantry is beginning to look quite respectable; very few processed foods compared to how it may have looked a year ago. (On the down side: I need more pantry space for my gazillion containers of dry ingredients!). So it's certainly time to get the fridge in shape too.

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